Hey, I'm Brittany

your bonus mom bestie.

I am so happy you've found your way here. In the beginning stages of my own stepmom journey, I wish I had a "Bonus Mom Bestie". And well, quite frankly that's why I am here doing this today. I strive everyday to be the resource I so desperately needed at one point in my life. With a deep understanding of the challenges and joys of step-motherhood, I set out to create a community where women could find strength, inspiration, and a celebration of their unique roles. Under the Brittfluence is a movement that encourages women to embrace their influence, find confidence in their individuality, and redefine what it means to be a stepmom in the modern world.

I am so happy you're here & remember, you're not alone in this journey.


TikTok Corner

Your Daily Source of Inspiration 

My  TikTok page is a must-visit destination for stepmoms everywhere! Here's why: 

  • My content is designed to uplift, inspire, and remind you that you're not alone on this journey.
  • Just like your favorite Netflix series, my TikTok page is binge-worthy. Once you start watching, you won't want to stop.
  • Get ready for raw, unfiltered discussions about the highs and lows of stepmom life - my videos tackle it all with honesty and humor.
  • Join a community of like-minded individuals who understand your struggles and celebrate your victories. My page is a place to connect, share, and feel supported every step of the way.

So immerse yourself in the world of Under the Brittfluence on TikTok. Your journey to thriving as a stepmom starts here—and trust me, you won't want to miss a single moment.

The Best Stepmom Support Group There Is

here's what other stepmoms are saying about being in my free support group

"This group has and is still a lifesaver for me! Specifically my mental health. I found you on TikTok and went down the rabbit hole of watching ALL your videos. I finally felt like someone knew what I was feeling and that I wasn’t crazy or alone in feeling the way I was. The vent sessions have been helpful too. I’ve taken things I’ve learned from other bonus moms and implemented them into my life. This is a safe space with a group of amazing women and I’m proud to be a part of it!"

- Kristen, Proud Support Group Member

"I LOVE this group! I first saw you on TikTok and when I learned you had this place for us bonus moms, it was a win. This is a safe place for me. I can come here and trauma dump on y'all and I know all these other bonus moms can handle my issues, let alone, they can sometimes relate too! Because it’s hard when you don’t have any bonus mom friends in your real life. Sure I’m a mom and have mom friends BUT being a mom in a blended family is not the same at all as being just a bio mom. So for me and my journey of being a mom and a bonus mom, this group has for sure helped me and even my mental health. I know I’m not alone."

- Sydney, Proud Support Group Member

"This group is so amazing! I feel like I am being heard and with all these great step momma's on here helping, giving advice or suggestions has been so helpful with this journey of mine! As well as I feel like other step momma's can come to me and others for help or to even vent. We are truly one big family. Literally the best choice I have made for myself to join this group but also coming across Brittany's TikTok page. Definitely a true blessing for me."

- Morgan, Proud Support Group Member