The Ultimate Stepmom's Christmas Gift Guide

The Ultimate Stepmom's Christmas Gift Guide

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and I want to make sure the incredible stepmom in your life feels the love and appreciation that she greatly deserves. This gift guide provides 10 unique ideas that go beyond the ordinary. Let's dive into the perfect gifts that will light up her holiday season.

1. "World's Best Stepmom" Enamel Mug

Whether the stepmom in your life is a coffee drinker, or prefers hot tea or hot cocoa, this "World's Best Stepmom" mug is sure to make her feel appreciated every time she takes a sip out of it.  This mug is a daily affirmation of the profound influence she has on her family. 

2. "Somebody's Feral Bonus Mom" Tee

This is a playful and fierce tee for the wild-hearted stepmom. Embrace the untamed spirit that makes her uniquely fabulous. If she has a vibrant personality, she is sure to love this tee!

Somebody's Feral Bonus Mom Tee

3. "Bonus Mama" Leather Patch Hat

This hat with a leather patch that says "Bonus Mama" on it displays a touch of attitude while elevating any casual look.  Not only is this hat stylish and versatile, but it subtly communicates her empowered identity.


4. "Wife. Stepmom. Boss" Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is perfect for the stepmom who wants to wear her roles with pride. A cozy and stylish garment that symbolizes the multifaceted journey she embarks upon every day. Beyond being a sweatshirt, it's a statement, a celebration of the love, strength, and leadership that define her roles as a wife, stepmom, and unapologetic boss.


5. "I Have Two Titles Mom And Bonus Mom - And I Rock Them Both" Tee

Let her embrace the powerful vibes of being a mom AND a step mom - with a touch of AC/DC flair. This tee celebrates her roles, merging the cool essence of being a bonus mom with the timeless strength of motherhood. She needs to step into the spotlight and let the world know that she's rocking both titles with style and confidence - don't you think!?

Bonus Mom and Mom

6. "My Favorite People Call Me Stepmom" Tumbler

The saying "My Favorite People Call Me Stepmom" is not just a statement; it's a daily reminder of the love that blossoms in blended families.  This tumbler has a radiant sunflower on it which symbolizes loyalty and adoration.  If you're looking for a way to beautifully capture the essence of stepmom love, this tumbler is exactly what you're looking for!

Stepmom Tumbler

7. Car Decals

The car decals to choose from are sure to make the stepmom in your life feel loved, appreciated and seen! There are so many decals to choose from; Bonus Mama, All American Stepmom, Cool Stepmoms Club, Team Stepmom & more!

Car Decals

8. "Bonus Mama" Wine Tumbler

WINE, WINE, WINE!!! What more does a stepmom need!? OH! That's right - a cute tumbler to drink it out of instead of straight from the bottle! Look no further - this cute and simple wine glass is sure to be a favorite for that awesome bonus mama in your life. 

Bonus Mama Wine Tumbler

9. "To My Bonus Mom" Blanket

If the stepmom in your life loves soft blankets, this one is sure to quickly become her favorite!  The best part is this makes a great gift from the kids to their stepmom, too!  It is super soft, such a pretty pink & has butterflies on it!

Bonus Mom Blanket

10. "Under the Brittfluence" Gift Card

If you aren't sure what to get for the special stepmom in your life, let her choose her own empowering gift.  An "Under the Brittfluence" Gift Card is the perfect gift to let her pick out exactly what she wants. 

gift card

Explore these gifts and more at to make this Christmas extra special for the amazing stepmom in your life. I wish you a joyful and empowering holiday season! 



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