About Brittany (The Long Version)

So, personally I am a proud wife, stepmom to two amazing boys and a loving dog mom to three. Professionally, I work a full-time remote job along with a part-time gig in marketing, fueled by my passion for creativity and innovation. I’m also a girl with big dreams for her life and have always dreamed of starting her own business.

Here is where it gets a bit crazy.

This journey of mine began in my teens, a time marked by a relationship that failed to recognize the value that I brought to the table. These experiences molded me into the person that I am today. In December of 2020, I met my now husband. Life took an unexpected turn in August of 2021 when a severe adverse reaction to a vaccine altered my reality. In the span of 24 hours, my ability to walk, talk, and even my memory had been erased, challenging my independence in ways I had never fathomed.

The Healing Process

During this time, in order to get my life back, I was put through a series of trials and tribulations which was truly a testament to my strength and courage. After several months, rounds of EBO2 therapy, HBOT therapy, and physical therapy, I emerged on the other side and started to heal. And I have to say, I wouldn't be anywhere today if it weren't for my family and my husband!

From Miss to Mrs

Once I was on my feet again, my now-husband proposed and we got married in September 2023, at a very intimate wedding with just 30 guests, marking the peak of a love story born from true adversity. I was able to walk down the aisle, with my dad...something I truly thought I wouldn't get the opportunity to do.

How I Got To Where I Am Today

I’ve tried a few different paths and options throughout the years, but I never felt totally “fueled” by those ventures, if ya know what I mean. In February of 2023 I was at my breaking point and didn’t know how much more I could take of this whole stepmom thing. And the fact that I was also in the middle of planning my own wedding? WHEW, that is not for the weak! After weeks of searching for help and resources on the internet, I found a bunch of negativity. How stepmoms said they wish they could get out. Run. Turn back...things of that nature. I am a relatively positive and bubbly person so I didn’t feel that I fit in with these groups I was finding. It wasn’t what I needed, because I didn't want out. I just wanted a way to cope.

Anyways, after I got married, a switch had flipped. I was officially a stepmom now. My mind went back to February when I was at my breaking point and now I had learned so much and self taught so many coping strategies. And then I thought, what about all of the other stepmoms out there?

So, I took to TikTok and started posting videos that were real and raw about stepmoms and the struggles we face, little did I know I would grow from hardly no followers to over 20,000 in 2 months. Come to find out, several other stepmoms ALSO felt the way I felt, but nobody was brave enough to speak out about the challenges, and what we really go through.

I don't blame them, because in February there is no way I would've gone on social media and publicly talked about stepmom life - all the hate that's out there? No way I could mentally handle that (at the time)!

Once I realized that this was such an underserved niche, I decided to create something that resonated with me and in the middle of doing that, I found a whole lot of other stepmoms that it also resonates with, leading to the creation of Under the Brittfluence— more than just a brand; it's a movement dedicated to empowering women, amplifying self-love, and acknowledging the selfless journey of stepmoms. So here I stand (yes, literally stand. And now you'll know why that's so huge for me), several months later I truly feel like I'm thriving in my role as a stepmom, in my personal life, in my career and so much more.

I'm here to show you that it's possible. Anything is possible.